Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Indian Paintbrush (i)

Indian Paintbrush (i)
Oil on Canvas Panel

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I'm back! we went to Bishop at the weekend to climb - and the wildflowers have just gone...wild! I've never seen so many flowers in the desert, it was amazing. I've taken loads of pictures, and have lots of inspiration for semi-abstract paintings of wildflowers. I actually wanted more than anything to get some good shots of Sky Rock, but it wasn't to be. I'm going to have to hike up there with my paints and canvas, and do the painting I want on the spot. It won't be easy...it's a steep hike and then to access the actual rock with the petroglyphs on it, you have to climb up a slab, and then mantel up a flying saucer type rock to get a decent perspective. Hmm, maybe if I pack very light and small I can manage it - it's definately worth it.

I first saw these beautiful wild flowers in Canada when I first set out on my travels a few years ago. I'm a big fan of red, and I literally stopped in my tracks at the sight of these. I was hiking in to a climb in a rocky stream bed near Canmore, and there were several little clumps of Indian paintbrush dotted amongst the greenery. If I didn't know then what complementary colours where, that would have been the lesson right there....