Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Charcoal Figures

Untitled Nude (i)
Charcoal on Paper

I've set myself a task - to produce thirty life drawings before I pick up a brush again. I've neglected drawing in favour of painting for a long time now, and doing the Black & White show at the Truckee River Gallery reminded me how important it is to draw.

I love drawing figures, so this should be a really fun task. I tend to look for drama in a drawing, so I set up the lights to almost obscure the model's face and any detail on the upper body. I'm drawn to the idea of transcendance in this image, the blurring of boundries and identity - of finding something more universal, or archetypal.

When I was at art school, we discussed the difference between being naked and being nude. In my understanding, being naked implies a vulnerability - being stripped of clothing, exposed. Whereas a nude person wears their body like an expensive dress - confident, in control.

Burning Man 2

Ah broken promises...well better late than never! Here's some more photos from Burning Man...

I'm sure there's hundreds, nay thousands of pics of people standing in this sculpture..

These gigantic sculptures were made entirely of cables - pretty amazing eh?