Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cup & Saucer

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I bought some new brushes a couple of days ago, and it's made a huge difference! I love the marks they make, and no stray bristles means more precision - strange then, that my brushwork feels so much looser in today's and yesterday's paintings. I think it's something to do with confidence, these two feel like the practically painted themselves. I also gleaned a cool tip from Brendy Vaughan's blog via Carole Marine, a couple of favourite painting blogs of mine - use the Munsell Colour Wheel. This has opened up more ideas about my use of colour, which in the past has been fairly limited, as a worked almost exclusively in black and white for many years. It's hard not to go a bit mad for colours and use all my favourite ones all the time, or just be a bit dull and obvious, and use 'natural' colours for everything. This will take some practice, but I've got every day....

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