Monday, February 11, 2008

Toothpaste (Duet)

Yay! It's finally finished, I think. This is 'part 2' of a series of paintings of Taylor & I brushing our teeth. I know it seems like a bizarre thing to want to paint, but I think other people have those quirky, intimate moments they share too. I wanted to capture something very private, but not explicit. Part 1 is called Toothpaste (You make me feel so young) And that's part of what all the 'Home' paintings are about, the fact that clowning around with someone you can feel utterly comfortable with can remind you not to take life too seriously. The story behind this toothpaste theme is that Taylor thinks it's hilarious the way I brush my teeth. Aside from the British reputation for bad teeth, there's plenty to poke fun at my technique I suppose. The thing is, nobody has ever said anything before, about my habit of spraying toothpaste all over the place, and looking like a rabid dog when I brush my teeth. I see these American movies, (Frankie & Johnny, for one) where people walk around with a toothbrush poking out of the side of their mouthes, happily conversing and not dripping froth down their fronts, and I wonder - how?

I was talking to my artist friend Melissa Gregory over tea this morning about these paintings, and she asked me how other people respond to these paintings...well here's your chance, public - I know you're out there, I can see the stats for this blog, and I'm happy and flattered to note there are a fair few visitors every day! So I'm not writing to myself after all! Let me know what you think.

1 comment:

melissa lanitis gregory said...

I love it...
but where's the frothy toothpaste mess?