Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Washing Brushes

Washing Brushes
Oil on Canvas Panel


So I'm finished painting the Kokanee for the Foyer Gallery exhibition - I did already have enough work but I just wanted to make a set of really loose mixed media pieces to work with the photos I had, (which have been sitting in the hard drive since last Fall..) so I can get some ideas for larger oils - I think they'll be very dramatic!

I've missed doing my little daily oils, but I have gone back to the easel with fresh enthusiasm and ideas. This study is part of the ongoing theme of 'Home', inspired by both the physical location we live - with it's fabulous light and angular construction - and the sense of place I've found in my life. The morning light in our kitchen is amazing, and the window looks out over an evergreen tree line, and the sky..which throughout the day changes from white to blue, and blooms with colour in the evening. It's a great distraction when you're washing dishes (or brushes!)

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