Thursday, June 5, 2008

Cherry Heaven

Cherry Heaven
Oil on Panel

I was really into the idea of warm and cool colours for this painting - and I'm kind of pleased with it, but I feel like it's a bit confusing to the eye. I was at the farmer's market a couple of days ago when I found these cherries - 'Bing Cherries' they're called. The two different colours looked great in the bowl, and on both the blue and the pink coloured tissue so I thought I'd experiment. The great thing about these little paintings is that I do feel like I can experiment, it's not so committing as a big expensive canvas with thick paint on it. The big kokanee I'm working on, however, does feel a little pressurised. I'm happy with it so far but I keep finding other things I have to do so I'm procrastinating a tiny bit...part of that is genuinely having to let the layers dry so the colours don't get muddy - I want it to be really saturated and fresh looking.

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