Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two Oil Sketches

Remember not this sins of my youth nor my acts of rebellion
Oil on Panel

I've done two quick oil sketches this morning, and I'm so excited I had to post them straight away. I loved the echoes of Degas, Schiele and Toulouse - Lautrec's women in this model, (and maybe a hint of Marie Antoinette...? ) and so dressed her up accordingly (just ankle warmers, and stockings for some pictures) I wanted to capture something reminiscent of older paintings, with a distinct stamp of the now declaring it to be contemporary. The model has piercings in her cheeks and belly, as well as the very cool tattoo you can see on her back. The quote is a slightly tweaked passage from Psalm 25 in the Bible.

Untitled study
Oil on Panel

So I'm really feeling the looseness I've been striving for in my painting today. It's exciting, it's like the penny has dropped, finally, and I feel freer. I think it's a combination of the observation skills I learnt with the painting a day project, and regular life drawing with Phyllis Shafer.

What's slightly irksome though, is that these weren't done from life (I took photographs). I tried to paint when the model was here, and I painted this horrible, muddy, stodgy piece of crap which is now of the studio floor, destined for the bin.

I think there are a few reasons/excuses for this: a) I was using a scrap of unstretched canvas, which despite the extra primer, was still really absorbant, and b) I was feeling a bit overwhelmed to be painting a figure from life, despite the fact that I've been drawing from life for weeks now. It's weird, sometimes I worry so much about the model being comfortable/warm, etc., and that I want to produce something quickly that does them justice, that I just lose it. I think I'm over this stuff with drawing now, so hopefully with practice I'll be able to relax enough with a brush in my hand to achieve the same loose painting from life.


JSM said...

I'm in love with the Untitled Study! The framing with the bright blue and how it breaks away to the left and also gives the illusion of a spotlight. The leg warmers just make me imagine texture and color. And her hair add a fun pop to the almost ballet, elegant way she is posed.

nathalie said...

Hey Shelley - you've been tagged! rules are on my blog along with a link to you, but basically you tell 7 interesting things about yourself then tag 7 others. wanna play? hope so. Your figure work is wonderful and this painting hits the nail on the head - wonderful.

Carolyn Finnell said...

Well, I tagged you too. Now you've been double tagged.