Friday, March 26, 2010


Conte on Paper
30 x 22"

After careful consideration and soul-searching, I've decided to shelve the oil paints for a while until I've had my baby. So...what do I do in the mean time? Well, the Yu Ji lecture I attended at LTCC last week gave me some inspiration to focus on drawing again - so I'm taking this as an opportunity to really work on my draughtmanship. I really enjoyed this drawing, and I think doing more of this sort of work will improve me as an artist. I'm horribly impatient, and usually work far too fast, so I think being able to modify my speed might help my painting when I get back to it. I've also ordered some watercolours and a lovely new moleskine sketchbook. I'll get my colour fix that way, and hopefully learn to handle a medium I know almost nothing about. Here's to new challenges!

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