Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Portfolio Development Class at LTCC

I'll be teaching the 'Portfolio Development' class at Lake Tahoe Community College in the Spring semester, starting on April 9th. Classes are on Fridays, 9- 10.50 am. This is the official description:

This course is designed to assist art students in preparing a complete portfolio which would be available for career and advanced study opportunities. The course will include the preparation, development and presentation of a portfolio of original art, photographing art in producing a slide and digital image portfolio, developing an artist's resume and an artist's statement. The course also addresses preparing the developing artist for the professional world of art: pricing of artwork, copyright, and an introduction to art galleries.

I'll also be covering a lot of online marketing and communications, such as blogging, building websites from templates, social networking, online newsletters and email etiquette.

The required text is 'Taking the Leap' by Cay Lang, available in the college bookstore, or online at (prices starting at $7.64 used)

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