Saturday, May 10, 2008

Arts in Bloom

I've been mad busy this week with preparations for the outdoor art show in Sparks tomorrow - 'Arts in Bloom', so painting has been difficult this week. I'll be in booth 44, and I'll have lots of my little 4/5" painting a day oils for sale, as well as prints on canvas, small giclees on paper and larger originals. Prices start at $25...great mother's day gifts, as well as a fun day out!

What has compounded the workload is the fact that I'm flying out to New Mexico a couple of hours after the show finishes, for my 'Painting a Day' course with Carole Marine at the Andreeva Portrait Academy! I'm so excited!

Even though the course is about painting still life painting, I'm hoping to apply the lessons in colour theory, observation and value development to figure painting (as well as still life) when I return. I'm modelling for a portrait class at Lake Tahoe Community College at the moment, taught by artist Phyllis Shafer. This means for the first time in years, I'm surrounded by young artists learning about drawing, and I'm totally inspired by it all. I'm sitting there staring into space just itching to pick up some charcoal and draw. It's great, I really needed the reminder of the importance of drawing. I've been so preoccupied with painting lately, I've really neglected it.

Phyllis's technical approach to teaching this class has been a fascinating experience to witness, far removed from the emphasis on expressive markmaking and intuitive drawing I was taught at art school. I love both styles, and I think a firm grounding in technique is crucial before you can embark on more expressive renderings of human form. Phyllis a pretty amazing artist, and now I've seen her teaching I'm a bit in awe of her! I'm already in awe of Carole Marine, so I feel honoured that I am able to make contact with the people whose work I respect.

This is definately an accelerated period of learning for me - all of life is about learning, although sometimes it's more subtle. I'll be back next weekend, hopefully with about 20 new paintings to post!

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